TGIF at GReads: Christmas in July

Here is another short, casual post to end off the week. This time, I’m participating in TGIF at GReads. Here is their lovely banner:


Christmas in July: If Santa were to come down your chimney in the middle of summer, which books would you want him to leave for you under the tree?

To be honest, I really shouldn’t have any more books than I already do. I actually feel slightly guilty at having purchased The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James last week, and No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod the week before that.

But to answer the question: I would like Santa to bring me an eReader (I’ve had my eye on the Sony Wi-Fi Reader for a while). As a university student who has to move every four months*, who has to carry around a ton of textbooks, who has to purchase more textbooks for the fall— any additional items to pack would be a hassle. As much as it pains me to say it, books can be heavy, and they take up quite a bit of space, and they’re not the most useful of items for a university student who doesn’t have very much time to read.

*I am in a program where we alternate between four months of studying and four months of working.

That being said, the three books that I’m really craving at the moment are:

Aren’t the covers for these books  gorgeous? But aside from their visual appeal:

The Outsider by Albert Camus is one of my favourite novels of all time, and I’m not quite sure why I don’t own a copy yet. I usually don’t read books more than once, but as it is one of my favourites, I do think owning a copy is necessary in case I should ever need to lend a copy to someone after I’ve recommended it to them, or to quote from it, or to simply peruse it when I feel like reading it again.

I don’t typically read young adult literature, but This Dark Endeavor (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein) by Kenneth Oppel has me intrigued because I love the original Frankenstein and as a child, I really enjoyed reading Kenneth Oppel’s Silverwing series. I’m interested in seeing how this novel incorporates aspects of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and what new additions Kenneth Oppel has made to the Frankensteinian lore.

And Fahrenheit 451 is just one of those books that I think I should read, and it’s what John Green is reading with the Nerdfighter Book Club at the moment. 🙂


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